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International Travel Information - A passport valid for six months past the return travel date is required for travel outside the U.S.  Entry visas may also be required. For complete information, check with the State Department at Travel.State.Gov

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A minimum of 14 business day notice is required for Group Request to set up and plan staffing. Requests with less than 14 business day notice may be subject to rush surcharge fee.

The 72-hour Service Level Agreement outlined under our Processing Standards, cannot be guaranteed on rush programs. SLA’s will also be impacted for delayed registration timelines.

Additional requirements

AFS monitors flights for all clients during standard business hours through FlightStats, the leading web-based day of travel information source.   Extended hours for flight monitoring is offered, subject to availability, with 30 days' advance notice.

Charges apply

(FlightStats training provided)

This information will be added to the program profile in order for our After Hours service to assist your travelers.
Please provide contact names and cell phone numbers

AFS' After Hours emergency service may be contacted outside of our normal business hours. If you would like us to provide the contact details to your travelers on their final confirmation, note yes below or we will provide this information to you directly during the turnover call.
Call charges apply.

e.g. - "Below is your proposed air itinerary to XYZ Conference in Des Moines, Iowa on May 1-3, 2016."

Program cancelation fees may apply for program profiles submitted to AFS regardless if registration has gone ‘live’ or if AFS has begun the attendee booking/ticketing process.